Biden Hammered

Joe Biden

( – Highlighting the grasp of the extreme left on the current administration, The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research recently conducted a poll revealing a pronounced division within the Democratic Party regarding Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel war against Hamas.

The results show that 50% of Democrats endorse Biden’s approach, while a close 46% express disapproval. This rift becomes more evident when considering the U.S. support for Israel, with opinions among Democrats diverging significantly.

Biden’s approval rating on this issue among Democrats has declined from an earlier survey in August, where 57% approved and 40% disapproved. The current conflict dynamics, especially following the deadly Hamas attack on October 7 and Israel’s subsequent military actions in Gaza, have placed Biden in a precarious position politically.

He has consistently advocated for Israeli sovereignty since the attack while simultaneously urging the Israeli government to facilitate humanitarian aid into Gaza.

This war complicates Biden’s potential reelection campaign, as he must balance the radical factions within his party with divergent perspectives on the conflict and accountability.

Regarding the level of U.S. support for Israel, there is a clear divide among Democrats: 70% of those approving of Biden’s management believe the U.S. is providing appropriate support to Israel, whereas 65% of the dissenters think the U.S. is overly supportive. This gap has grown since the August poll.

Among Democrats who approve of Biden’s handling, 76% hold Hamas highly responsible for the conflict, with 32% assigning similar responsibility to the Israeli government. Conversely, Democrats disapproving of Biden’s approach are equally likely to attribute significant responsibility to both the Israeli government (56%) and Hamas (55%).

There is a noticeable age and racial divide among Democrats, with majorities of younger (under 45) and nonwhite Democrats disapproving of Biden’s handling, while older (45 and above) and white Democrats predominantly approve.

These findings reflect the deep divide within the Democratic Party, as demonstrated by over 20 Democrats voting to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her antisemitic remarks about Israel. Meanwhile, in South Florida, many Jews applaud Biden’s stance, contrasting the views in Michigan and Minnesota, where prominent Democrats and large Arab and Muslim populations are staunchly opposed.

Democrats’ opinions on Biden’s strategy seem unrelated to their support for an independent Palestinian state. Approximately 40% of Democrats favor establishing such a state, encompassing the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.

This survey, conducted among 1,239 adults in early November, represents a cross-section of the U.S. population, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.