Biden Gets Devastating News

Joe Biden

( – Showcasing a sharp loss of support in a liberal bastion, a recent poll by Siena College has revealed that most New Yorkers are dissatisfied with Joe Biden’s management of the migrant crisis.

The poll found that 64% of New Yorkers disapprove of Biden’s handling of the situation. This includes a diverse range of political affiliations: 48% of Democrats, 91% of Republicans, and 72% of independents. Due to the crisis, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul also received low approval ratings.

The influx of migrants in New York is a pressing concern for many. Steven Greenberg, a Siena College pollster, noted that 84% of those surveyed view it as a serious problem. Greenberg highlighted the rarity of such unanimous concern across diverse demographic and religious groups.

He stated, “Seldom do we see an issue where at least 79% of Democrats, Republicans, independents, men, women, upstaters, downstaters, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Catholics, Jews, and Protestants all agree — that the migrant influx is a serious problem.”

The sentiment among New Yorkers about slowing down the migrant flow appears to have intensified, growing to 35% from 22%. A vast majority of various political affiliations and geographic locations within the state share this viewpoint.

Furthermore, while many New Yorkers are critical of Mayor Adams’ handling of the crisis, a majority agree with Greenberg’s statement that “this issue will destroy New York City.”

Despite New York being a predominantly Democratic state, Greenberg pointed out some challenges the party may face in upcoming elections. He mentioned Biden’s declining favorability and job approval ratings in New York. Additionally, the poll found that over half of the Democrats are considering a different presidential nominee for the 2024 elections.

Since last spring, more than 126,700 migrants have arrived in New York City, with over 64,100 remaining under the city’s care. The city has been grappling with the dual challenges of the migrant influx and the global tensions stemming from the conflict in Israel. Mayor Adams has expressed the need for more federal support to address the migrant issue.

Despite the tensions between Adams and Biden, Governor Hochul managed to strike a deal with the White House, which aids in fast-tracking work authorization for Venezuelans. To address the crisis, the city plans to open a migrant shelter in Brooklyn in the coming weeks, aiming to provide a safe space for approximately 500 families seeking asylum.