Biden Further Harms Auto Industry

( – Possibly sensing that the next few months might be its last in power for a while, the left is launching an onslaught against gas-powered cars, as President Joe Biden’s administration has now unveiled the most severe vehicle-emissions regulations ever in order to push electric vehicles.

The Biden administration declared on Wednesday its plan to enforce the most rigorous vehicle emissions standards to date, National Review reports.

These regulations, focusing on light-duty vehicles such as cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks, are slated to be applied to models manufactured from “2027 through 2032 and beyond,” according to a statement from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The new mandates outline expectations for the production of electric models within the United States, expressed as a percentage of the total annual output of all light-duty vehicles.

For example, by 2030, in order to meet the EPA’s targets, approximately 31% to 44% of new cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks must be entirely electric. This range is determined by the emission levels of other vehicles.

Despite being the most stringent standards ever established in the country, these regulations represent a moderation from the EPA’s initial proposal in April 2023, especially concerning the pace of implementation.

The 2032 goal remains to halve the carbon emissions from vehicles sold in 2026, yet the transition will unfold more gradually than last year’s proposal suggested, making the early targets more achievable.

A notable alteration in the final rules is the consideration given to hybrid vehicles. The original proposal from April 2023 aimed for two-thirds of cars sold in 2032 to be electric. However, the updated regulations adjust this figure to 56% for electric cars and an additional 13% for hybrids.

The adjustment from the initial proposal to the final regulations reflects a waning interest in electric vehicles within the U.S. market. Although sales of electric vehicles have increased over recent years, the pace of these purchases has seen a decline. Certain automakers, such as Ford Motor Company, have redirected their emphasis towards hybrids, which have maintained their popularity.

In response to the dip in electric vehicle sales towards the end of 2023, a coalition of car dealers penned a letter to President Biden.

They implored a revision of the EPA’s earlier proposal, pointing to consumer apprehensions regarding the availability of charging stations, cost concerns, and the suitability of electric vehicles for extended journeys as factors diminishing the American public’s inclination to transition away from gas-powered or hybrid vehicles.

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