Biden Finished If This Is True

( – After Joe Biden’s rough and alarming debate performance, a new CBS poll revealed that 72% of American voters think he does not have the mental and cognitive health to serve as president.

According to a June 9 poll, this number has risen from 65% just weeks earlier. That same poll found 35% of voters believed Biden was mentally fit to serve, but in the more recent poll, only 27% agreed.

In addition, 72% of voters now believe Biden should not run for president, up 9% points since February. Only 28% think he should, marking a 9-point drop since February.

A slight majority of Democrats, 54%, still think Biden should run — a 10-point drop from February but 46% say he should not.

Among Democratic voters, 55% support Biden continuing his run, while 45% believe he should step aside.

Earlier this month, 71% of Democratic voters thought Biden had the mental and cognitive health to serve. After the debate, that number dropped to 59%.

Moreover, Biden’s debate performance was poorly received. Only 18% of voters felt he inspired confidence, compared to 44% who felt the same about former President Donald Trump.

Just 21% percent said Biden presented his ideas clearly, while 47% said Trump did.

In addition, the poll conducted on June 28 and 29 among 1,130 registered voters in the U.S. has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 points.

Biden’s debate struggles, during which he seemed confused and had trouble forming coherent sentences, led the editorial boards of the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to call for his withdrawal from the race.

Despite this, many Democratic lawmakers have defended Biden. Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) both said that Biden should stay in the race.

When asked on CNN what he would say to concerned Democratic and independent voters, Clyburn said, “Take into account the record.”

“Yes, it was a bad performance,” he said.

Biden, trying to downplay his poor debate showing, said at a rally in North Carolina on Friday, “I don’t debate as well as I used to,” as his supporters cheered.

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