Biden Exposed By Bombshell Report

Joe Biden

( – In a stunning revelation, a watchdog’s report has disclosed that President Joe Biden’s administration has benefitted from the illegal immigrant invasion in a highly unexpected way – by registering a record number of new jobs – which, as it turns out, have been filled in by migrants.

Biden’s record on job creation has seen American jobs go to a total of 2.9 million migrants, while there is a lingering shortfall of 183,000 jobs among US-born workers compared to their numbers in 2019, as reported by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Steven Camarota, the author of the report titled “All Employment Growth Has Gone to Immigrants, Compared to 2019,” highlighted the significant rise in migrant employment under Biden’s administration.

“Immigrant employment … has exploded,” Camarota said, cited by Breitbart News.

Despite some growth in employment among US-born Americans, their employment levels have not yet rebounded to pre-Covid levels of 2019.

The report clarifies that the issue isn’t that migrants are directly displacing American job-seekers.

Instead, it illustrates that the net increase in jobs since 2019 has been filled exclusively by migrants, while the proportion of working Americans has not fully recovered to 2019 levels.

This situation is partly attributed to demographic shifts, including older Americans’ retirement and a lower workforce entry rate among younger Americans.

This demographic change, coupled with the absence of a corresponding birth rate boost in the early 2000s, has made it more feasible for employers to fill roles with migrants.

Moreover, Biden’s policies have made it more attractive for employers to opt for hiring illegal migrants over Americans who are still out of work.

Camarota estimated that around five million working-age American men are available for work but remain unemployed due to various social and economic barriers.

These individuals are not considered unemployed in official statistics if they haven’t sought work in the last month, leading to their exclusion from labor force participation metrics.

Camarota’s report also noted a concerning trend among non-college-educated U.S.-born men, whose labor force participation rates have not recovered to their 2019 levels, already low by historical standards.

Biden’s approach has facilitated a large influx of illegal migrants, which has been advantageous for employers seeking inexpensive, reliable labor.

This has allowed them to bypass the need to engage with the American workforce facing challenges such as poor health or criminal records.