Betting Markets Pick Georgia Runoff Winner

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

With one day to go until the Georgia Senate runoff, betting markets are all in on incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D), favoring him over Republican contender Herschel Walker.

Election Betting Odds, which tracks online betting markets on election results, showed that 89.5 percent of stakes favored the incumbent Senator win in Tuesday’s runoff compared to Walker’s 10.5 percent who staked in favor of Walker.

The latest figures show Warnock averages climbing 1.4 percentage points in just a day, according to Election Betting odds conservative founders John Stossel and Maxim Lott.

Other betting markets, Polymarket and PredictIt, also place Warnock at 89 percent, while Smarkets, a betting site Election Betting Odds culls, puts Warnock at 92.6 percent to Walker’s 8.3 percent.

Polling, however, places Warnock in the lead, but only slightly.

The Hill/Emerson College poll gives the incumbent Democrat a two percentage point lead over Walker. A CNN poll shows Warnock has a four percentage point lead over his Republican challenger.

The Senate race culminated in a runoff after neither candidate surpassed the 50 percent mark needed to call the election, despite Warnock leading Walker by one percentage point.

On Friday (December 2), the day early voting in the Georgia runoff ended, The state smashed records for voter turnout after 300,000 voters cast an early ballot on one day.

The turnout is a good sign for Democrats, who typically encourage their voters to vote in early voting, with initiatives like “Souls to the Polls,” which urges Christian voters to cast their ballots after attending church on Sunday.