Ben Shapiro Becomes Target of Radical Leftist Activists

Ben Shapiro Becomes Target of Radical Leftist Activists

( – Liberal leanings on college campuses often lead to issues when conservatives try to hold speaking engagements. Ben Shapiro is currently facing backlash simply for scheduling a date to speak at Florida State University (FSU).

Shapiro will be in front of an FSU crowd on November 15. The location for the event is Tucker Civic Center’s Exhibition Hall, which seats 1,500. The free tickets for the event were all snapped up almost as soon as they became available, though it came to light that bot attacks were partially responsible for taking them.

Shapiro is also facing the wrath of FSU Students for a Democratic Society group, which showed its opposition through a statement characterizing him as a racist and saying he is against the LGBTQ+ community. The group condemned the school for allowing him to appear and called on students to protest his presence, ending its rant by exclaiming group members didn’t want fascists on their campus.

Taylor Walker, the chairperson for FSU’s College Republicans, declined to comment on who was behind the bot attacks. She said the group would have a standby line available to pass out tickets to those who could not secure them using the original system. Walker feels liberal opposition will not cause issues on the day of Shapiro’s appearance.

Ironically, the focus of the event will be free speech.

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