Ben Carson Issues DIRE Warning

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Appearing on Saturday Agenda, former Housing and Urban Development director and renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson shared his insights on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carson revealed that now that COVID-19 was becoming endemic – and would be a part of everyone’s lives for the foreseeable future it was time to learn to control the virus and not have it control us.

He continued saying that the solution should not see politics play a role in health decisions. He also revealed that new variations would appear for years to come and that instead of having these variations dictate policymaking, we should remove politics from public healthcare.

However, Carson acknowledged that some politicians wanted to have these variations control policies to “use things to their advantage.”

The retired neurosurgeon went on to say that politicians should use the scientific and medical communities to help the American people, not to assist in a political agenda.

These comments to host Joe Pinion follow Biden’s travel restrictions and guidelines that came into effect this past week after the latest COVID-19 variant – Omicron – was discovered. The former Housing and Urban Development director expressed what he believed was a “sad situation” after President Joe Biden ordered travel restrictions from southern African nations following the Omicron discovery. He said he believed these actions would “encourage other nations to hide things rather than to be forthright.”

During the Saturday Agenda broadcast, Carson also spoke about the American people becoming “more observant” than policymakers think they are, stating that the population was starting to recognize inconsistencies in the government’s COVID-19 policy.

As an example, he mentioned the CDC’s admission to not having any data about natural immunity. Posing the question regarding why the CDC would not want to collect this data? He answered by saying, “because they don’t want to know the results.”

Examining the COVID-19 policies concerning “real science” Carson added that if science was being followed we would “take all the avenues that are available to us.”

He continued by expressing his views on an individual mandate. Rather than having individual mandates, the government would advise the population to discuss the decision with their health care professionals as the country would be relying on its medical system.

Carson also mentioned that “one size does not fit all.” Before saying that newer variants were less virulent, meaning they were less likely to kill you. In his concluding remarks, Carson highlighted how serious the situation was, saying, “We need to take it seriously, but we need to do it in a logical way and not in a political way.”