Barr Gives Advice To Biden

Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Barr was very serious about this.

Bill Barr, former Attorney General, warned that the U.S. could not allow Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “to escalate into a nuclear war,” calling for “prudence” and instead urging America to avoid “direct conflict” with Russia.

Sitting down for an interview with Fox News Digital to discuss his new book “One Damn Thing After Another,” in which he makes some explosive revelations about the national security challenges facing the U.S., Barr revealed he agreed with Biden’s decision to reject Poland’s request for MIG-29 planes to Ukraine’s military.

Earlier this week, the Pentagon revealed that Poland’s proposal raised concerns about the deployment of warplanes from a U.S. base in a NATO-allied nation.

However, Ukraine has been calling for Western allies to send military reinforcements and implement a no-fly zone over the country, but many believe a move to make Ukrainian airspace a no-fly zone could trigger Russia to go after the U.S.

Addressing the possibility of a direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia, Barr said, “We have to be very careful about getting into direct conflict with Russia 一 Russia is a nuclear power, and we can’t allow this to escalate into a nuclear war.”

Barr continued his statements, saying, “I do think now is the time for prudence, and that we do not escalate,” adding, “I know people see what’s going on, and they feel terrible about it. But that’s the nature of countries getting nuclear weapons: our options are curtailed.”

He then pointed to why countries’ amassing nuclear weapons was an issue, saying, “That’s why having North Korea get nuclear weapons is a problem, and that’s why Biden’s efforts now in reopening these negotiations with Iran and letting Iran become a nuclear power is sobering.”

However, Barr downplayed the likelihood of the war Russia is having with Ukraine spreading, saying Russia did not have “the military power” to continue his assault on neighboring countries.

Barr said that even if Russia’s military is “operating well,” he believed Russia has “diminished themselves in the eyes of the world as a military power because their military is not functioning very well.”

Instead, Barr said that as the invasion drags on Putin’s strategy will shift to “neutralize” Ukraine, turning it into “a puppet regime” like Russia has with Belarus.

In this scenario, Barr said Putin’s influence would extend to Ukraine and Belarus only, but that Putin may attempt to “destabilize the Baltic States” in future.