Bank Robber Foiled Due to Poor Handwriting

Bank Robber Foiled Due to Poor Handwriting

( – There’s a Woody Allen movie in which the main character tries to rob a bank but the note he gives the teller is unintelligible. That seems like a typical Hollywood storyline, but something similar recently happened in real life.

On March 18, Alan Slattery decided he wanted to rob a bank, so he wrote a note and handed it to the cashier at the Nationwide Building Society in Eastbourne, England. The employee couldn’t decipher the scrawl, so he didn’t respond to the note.

Slattery ran out of the bank after realizing his plan was dead in the water. The bank employees then understood he had been trying to rob them, so they contacted the police and gave them the note.

After looking at the document, police discovered it showed the man wanted banknotes and warned the teller to “Think about the other customers.” CCTV footage captured the whole incident.

However, before police caught him, Slattery attempted another robbery at a different bank on March 26. He must have improved his penmanship because his note worked this time, and he got away with £2,400. Again, the CCTV footage captured everything.

Amazingly, he tried yet another bank robbery, but the cashier in that bank refused to give him money, so he left empty-handed. With all the evidence, police were able to track him down and arrest him. He received a six-year sentence for his actions.

This is a cautionary tale for would-be thieves to practice their handwriting skills, as well as a great lesson in why crime doesn’t pay but education is invaluable.

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