‘Attack on US Definitely a Possibility’

(TheIndependentStar.com) – A massive new Islamist terrorist act might be in the making in the United States due to the nation’s open borders, and it might be similar to the recent attack in Russia’s capital, Moscow, in which ISIS-K terrorists killed 143 and wounded over 400.

This warning has come from a US counter-terrorism official and various experts cited by The New York Post.

The report notes that ISIS-K, a particularly violent branch of the Islamic State terror organization,  is becoming increasingly bold.

A federal official, preferring to remain anonymous, said that these extremists could exploit the disorder at the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

“An attack on US soil is definitely a possibility. It would certainly send a message,” the official said.

Experts and counter-terrorism authorities have raised alarms that ISIS-K could enter the US amid the turmoil at the Southern Border.

With February seeing over 256,000 migrant encounters and numerous ‘gotaways’ evading detection, there’s a real fear that ISIS-K operatives might infiltrate unnoticed, the Post points out.

This concern is amplified by a significant uptick in encounters with individuals on the FBI’s terror watchlist at the border in recent years.

In 2021, 15 suspected terrorists were intercepted, a figure that surged to 98 the following year, and last year, 169 terror suspects were stopped at the southern border, with an additional 69 suspects detained since last October.

It’s believed that potentially hundreds from ISIS-K recruiting grounds annually cross the border.

“We are taking the threat of a domestic ISIS-K attack very seriously. They hate us, and everything we stand for. And they’re bold and they’re always looking for targets,” the counter-terrorism official said.

Despite many experts suggesting ISIS-K might prioritize Europe due to geographical closeness to their base, the US borders remain significant vulnerabilities for terror incursions.

“The open border is a huge concern for terrorists entering the US in light of the attacks in Moscow,” commented Morgan Lerette, a former US Army captain.

Lerette pointed out that the attackers in the Moscow incident hailed from Tajikistan, a nation where ISIS-K support is on the rise.

The assault on Crocus City Hall in Moscow marks Europe’s deadliest terrorist act in two decades, involving gunfire and Molotov cocktails at a packed venue.

ISIS-K also claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings in Iran, commemorating the US assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, and an attack during the chaotic US evacuation from Afghanistan, resulting in 183 deaths, including 13 American service members.

“The Russia attack was a success for them. So they’re going to look for something bigger,” the US official said.

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