Arrests in Attack on ‘90210’ Actor (Video)

( – Two individuals suspected of being members of a notorious minibike “gang,” accused of assaulting “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Ian Ziering, were apprehended on Tuesday in relation to a violent altercation that became widely circulated from New Year’s Eve.

See the video of the attack on Ziering below!

Jacob Esteban Hernandez, 20, and Angie Tereza Guizar, 40, face charges of felony vandalism and assault with a deadly weapon, respectively, as stated by the Los Angeles Police Department, Page Six reports.

Ian Ziering, a 60-year-old actor renowned for his role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” encountered the 605 minibike gang on Hollywood Boulevard on December 31, 2023.

A distressing video captures Ziering engaging in a verbal dispute with one of the bikers just moments before additional gang members converged on the scene, launching an attack while Ziering’s 12-year-old daughter remained in the vehicle.

During the incident, Ziering was besieged by at least four gang members who obstructed his vehicle amidst traffic.

The recorded footage reveals Ziering initiating physical contact by throwing the first punch before fleeing from the advancing bikers. The gang subsequently inflicted damage on Ziering’s car, with his daughter still inside, as reported by the LAPD.

After the altercation, Ziering was seen comforting his distraught daughter, Mia.

The attack resulted in significant damage to Ziering’s $100K GLE SUV, including a shattered windshield on the driver’s side and a demolished passenger side-view mirror.

In a detailed public statement following the incident, Ziering disclosed that he and his daughter were fortunately not harmed.

“While stuck in traffic, my car was approached aggressively by one of these riders leading to an unsettling confrontation. In an attempt to assess any damage, I exited my car. This action, unfortunately, escalated into a physical altercation, which I navigated to protect myself,” he conveyed a day after the attack.

He elaborated on his concerns about the increasing audacity of such groups, which compromise public safety.

“This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior. As a citizen and a parent, I find it unacceptable that groups can freely engage in this kind of behavior, causing fear and chaos, while the response from authorities seems insufficient,” he remarked.

Following the incident, Hernandez and Guizar were detained following warrant executions at their homes in Rosemead, Calif., and Los Angeles, early Tuesday morning.

With the suspects now in custody, the LAPD is preparing to forward the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether to formalize charges. Bail has been set at $50,000 for Hernandez and $30,000 for Guizar.

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