Arizona Sheriff Issues Warning To Governor

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Governor Greg Ducey (R) has earned the ire of a county sheriff after attempting to construct a makeshift border wall from shipping containers.

On Saturday (December 10), Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway told FOX 10 Phoenix that anyone who attempted to place the shipping containers in his County would be arrested for illegal dumping. His statements note that some shipping containers have been placed within six miles of the County.

He explained that the shipping container placement was “entirely on federal land,” emphasizing it wasn’t state or private property. Hathaway added that he’d charge individuals involved in “dumping” the containers just as he would if he witnessed any other crime being conducted on public land.

In October, Ducey filed a lawsuit against the federal government after he received instructions to stop double-stacking shipping containers along the border wall, which runs along federal and tribal lands.

Ducey has been ordering shipping containers to be double-stacked to fill gaps in the border wall since the summer of 2021.

When he filed the lawsuit, he explained that border communities were being “overwhelmed by illegal activities” because the Biden Administration had failed to secure the Southern Border.

Hathaway continued that the lawsuit was filed in protest on behalf of the state’s citizens, adding that the lawsuit was pushback on federal bureaucrats, who’ve allowed the border to fall into disrepair, reversing the “progress” that the state made.

He added that the state would “secure the border in any way we can,” emphasizing that this was something the Biden Administration couldn’t.