Anti-Israel Thugs Torch Restaurant (Video)

( –  A new demonstration of shocking anti-Semitism running amok around the world, a mob protesting Israel has attacked and set fire to a KFC restaurant in Pakistan because it supposedly sold “Israeli products.”

See a video of the attack below!

In the northeastern town of Mirpur, Pakistani law enforcement apprehended over 50 individuals following the tumultuous incident.

This event occurred on Friday, with the congregation initiating at the KFC post-evening prayers marking the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. It rapidly expanded to over 400 participants.

The choice of location was influenced by the belief that the restaurant offered products linked to Israel, including Coca-Cola, despite the absence of direct connections.

Both KFC and Coca-Cola often find themselves at the receiving end of anti-Israel boycotts and protests, Breitbart News reports.

KFC, under the umbrella of Yum Brands which has ventures in Israel, and another Yum franchise, Pizza Hut, believed to have supported Israeli military bases with free meals post the severe Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, are frequent targets due to their popularity in the Arab world and presumed affiliations.

Chaudhary Saeed, the proprietor of the targeted KFC in Mirpur, recounted his prior warnings to the police about a potential threat from a group of incensed young individuals planning an attack on his restaurant, citing their motives tied to the hardships faced by people in Gaza.

A video captured one protester explicitly rejecting “Israeli products, no Coke,” which garnered supportive responses from fellow demonstrators.

The protest escalated into a chaotic outbreak of violence and vandalism, culminating in the destruction and looting of the KFC, amidst unconfirmed reports of gunfire.

The incident was described as “very aggressive and frightening” by a British citizen to the UK Daily Mail.

The event received attention due to its depiction in social media images, highlighting the severity of the situation with visuals of injured individuals and the populace seeking refuge.

The delayed police intervention, which eventually included the deployment of tear gas, led to a partial dispersal of the rioters.

Among those apprehended were individuals allegedly connected to Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), a radical political entity known for orchestrating violent protests against France for the publication of satirical depictions of Islam’s prophet Muhammad by Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The TLP’s historical context of aggressive activism includes a notable march on Islamabad in November 2021, demanding the French embassy’s shutdown, a campaign concluded through negotiations with then-Prime Minister Imran Khan, who appeased the group by revoking a prior ban instated in reaction to the group’s violent protests against the Charlie Hebdo illustrations.

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