Another Royal Family Affair?!

( – Another royal affair has come to light as a new controversial book claims Queen Letizia of Spain brought her alleged lover on clandestine trips to New York City with her husband, King Felipe.

The king reportedly received updates about her activities from bodyguards in real time.

In “Letizia’s Silences,” veteran royal reporter Jaime Peñafiel alleged that Letizia has been unfaithful to her “broken” husband with Jaime del Burgo, who she reportedly dated before her royal marriage and who was once married to her sister.

According to Peñafiel, during a 2011 trip to New York City, which was one of at least two trips, royal bodyguards were informed and likely relayed this to King Felipe.

“The bodyguards that protected Letizia wherever and whoever she went with had the obligation to inform,” Peñafiel wrote. “Which is why Felipe had to know that Letizia was cheating on him in real time, given the fact that those bodyguards accompany her when she has official events and when she doesn’t.”

During a 2012 flight from Madrid to New York City, artist Cristobal Toral reportedly saw Queen Letizia with a man believed to be del Burgo.

Peñafiel noted that the fact that Queen Letizia covered her face made him doubt who it was, even though a relatively short time before, they had met at the UN Spanish Embassy, where they chatted with her, demonstrating that she greatly admired his painting.

Peñafiel described King Felipe as “crushed and destroyed” by his wife’s alleged “betrayal” and writes that he “wants to get out” of their marriage.

He explained, “As far as Felipe goes … the damage is not in the sex with which Letizia has been unfaithful to her husband, but in the ruthless feeling.”

Del Burgo has made claims about their relationship continuing secretly, even alleging that Letizia met with him the night before her wedding and told him, “Never leave me.”

According to Tatler, del Burgo also said they had looked at properties and considered having a child via a surrogate.

He married Letizia’s sister Telma Ortiz in 2012 but they divorced two years later. Del Burgo claims Letizia whispered to him at his wedding, “We’ll be together again.”

Despite the allegations, Letizia and Felipe recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and appeared at a memorial service looking “perfectly happy and perfectly dignified.”

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