Another Horrifying Crime

( – In a new heinous crime bound to shock any decent person with its excessive brutality, an elderly woman was stabbed numerous times during a street robbery in broad daylight in Los Angeles.

The senior citizen was violently assaulted and repeatedly stabbed during daylight hours in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles, reports ABC7, cited by The Daily Caller.

This disturbing incident occurred on a Sunday and left the woman, who is in her sixties, hospitalized due to the severe injuries she sustained in what appeared to be a deliberate attack.

“The victim [fell down] on the ground … she tried to hold on to her bag,” stated Chester Chong, the chairperson of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Chong elaborated to ABC7 that the victim attempted to fend off the attacker’s efforts to snatch her purse because it contained essential personal belongings.

“Medical cards, ID, everything … she got scared if she lost these documents, she cannot go to the clinic [or] anywhere,” Chong explained.

In an act of desperation, the woman pursued the assailant, while bystanders, including motorists who stopped to assist, attempted to intervene, as reported by ABC7.

“A lot of people were around him and tried to punch him, and then he got his knife out. That’s why everybody, you know, backed up,” recounted eyewitness Emily Giang.

Additionally, another observer asserted that the victim was stabbed “about 12 times.”

It was reported that security personnel managed to restrain the perpetrator until the arrival of the police, who then detained an individual. The suspect’s identity has yet to be disclosed.

Giang expressed a prevailing sense of vulnerability within the community, underscoring the fear of such violent incidents recurring.

“We’re so scared,” she stated.

The attack took place in a locale frequented by elderly people engaged in the vending of fresh seafood on the streets.

In response to the attack, Chong has been advising the community to exercise caution, suggesting that individuals should surrender their belongings in the event of a robbery and avoid carrying significant documents.

Despite the apprehension of someone, the police have not officially confirmed an arrest.

ABC7 has reported that the assault resulted in hospitalization for two individuals: the victim and another person whose identity has not been specified.

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