‘An Attack on America’!?

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Arguing that leftwing attorneys are wrongfully damaging former President Donald Trump’s image and his GOP agenda, “Shark Tank” celebrity Kevin O’Leary criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James’ threat to seize Donald Trump’s assets, labeling it “an attack on America.”

James vowed to seize Trump’s properties and assets if he failed to post his $464 million bond, as ordered by a judge in response to her lawsuit against the former president.

O’Leary expressed his concerns on Fox News’s “Outnumbered” and emphasized the importance of law, due process, and property rights in America. He criticized the unprecedented nature of the 30-day bond requirement, which highlighted that no insurance company had ever issued such a bond.

He also argued that the short notice period sent a negative message and urged New Yorkers to consider the broader implications beyond Trump or James.

“This is case setting against the American brand. The most stable country on Earth anywhere to put capital for a long period of time, particularly in real estate, is the United States of America,” O’Leary stated.

He emphasized that “This is an assault on what we believe to be core and I find it extraordinary, I think it’s very troubling, it has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump at this point in my view and it is completely bipartisan. This is an attack on America, and I don’t how you can look at it any other way.”

James filed a lawsuit that accused the Trump Organization of fraud and inflating property values to secure more favorable loans. Initially seeking $250 million, she later raised the claim to $370 million.

Judge Arthur Engoron held Trump accountable for deceiving financial institutions, ordered him to pay $350 million in damages, and banned him from holding corporate positions in New York for three years.

Engoron rejected a plea that Trump’s legal team argued that meeting the March 25 deadline was practically impossible.

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