Americans Fearful After Latest Message From Fauci

NIAID, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Fauci shouldn’t have said this.

Don Lemon, a CNN host, said in his 10 p.m program “Don Lemon Tonight” that unvaccinated Americans should face “consequences” for their actions. The statements inspired a former Biden advisor to mention that “20% of the public” did not believe in science, institutions, or the Establishment.

During the show, Lemon implied that many of those who chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 were Trump voters.

Addressing Andy Slavitt, the Biden administrations’ White House senior advisor for COVID response, Lemon brought up a CNN analysis. The analysis reportedly showed that since vaccines had become widely available, the risk of dying in states that voted for Trump was 50% higher than in states that voted for Biden.

In response, Slavitt mentioned that President Biden’s approach was to call for “everyone to pull together, make this not political.”

However, having supported the punishment of unvaccinated Americans for months, Lemon said that it would be wrong for those “doing the right thing” to face the consequences of – what he termed – were people doing the wrong thing. Posing the question to Slavitt, he asked if the unvaccinated shouldn’t face consequences for their actions.

“The elephant in the room here is that about 20 percent of the public really doesn’t believe in science or institutions or the Establishment,” Slavitt answered. He continued his reply by saying that it wouldn’t be possible to convince them because “they’re not convincible.”

For months Lemon has been voicing his belief that unvaccinated Americans be punished. In his many remarks on the subject, Lemon went as far as saying that unvaccinated Americans should not go to the hospital if they got sick. Instead, he continued, they should leave those resources to the vaccinated and those who practiced social distancing.

While he hasn’t mentioned the “consequences” he would like unvaccinated Americans to face, other countries have instituted draconian measures. Greece, as one example, will deduct €100 of the €750 pension for unvaccinated citizens over the 60s if they choose not to be vaccinated by January 16th, 2022.