Americans Desperate To Have Trump Back

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

We need Trump badly.

According to an I&I/TIPP Poll, more voters want to see former President Donald Trump run for Presiden in 2024 than President Joe Biden.

The poll revealed that 23 percent of registered voters wanted Trump to head the Republican national ticket, compared to 19 percent who wanted Biden to head the Democrat ticket.

In an article about the I&I/TIPP poll, Tipp Insights, Terry Jones wrote, “Clearly, Biden is in serious trouble within the Democratic Party, garnering just 29% support, a clear sign of the toll on his popularity taken by his struggling presidency.”

Jones continued, “Trump, by comparison, gets 49% support from Republicans, making him a formidable political presence within his own party for the next two years at least.”

Among 18 to 24-year-old voters, typically a more liberal demographic, Biden only managed to get 11 percent support to be the 2024 Democratic candidate, whereas Trump garnered 23 percent support to be the GOP’s nominee.

It wasn’t only among this age group that Trump surpassed Biden; the poll showed that every age group preferred a Trump candidacy to a Biden one. Only among voters aged 25 to 44 were Trump and Biden even close, with Trump receiving 25 percent support, compared to Biden’s 24 percent.

Both genders also preferred a Trump presidency. 20 Percent of women wanted Trump to run, and only 14 percent wanted Biden to run. 29 Percent of men wanted Trump to run, a four-point increase from the 25 percent who wanted Biden to run.

Hispanic voters also preferred Trump (22 percent) to Biden (12 percent).