Americans Break Silence On Immigration

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

A new Gallup poll on immigration showed that Americans have the highest dissatisfaction rates regarding immigration than they have in decades. It is also evident from the poll numbers that older Americans are more frustrated by the situation than young Americans.

Around 63 percent of respondents said that the current immigration levels brought them dissatisfaction, while 28 percent said that they were satisfied with immigration. In January last year, the satisfaction rate was 34 percent.

Republicans were also shown to have a lot more feelings regarding immigration, with around 71 percent believing that the immigration levels were too high, while only 19 percent of Democrats expressed a similar belief. While Republicans are frequently dissatisfied with immigration, this year’s poll shows that their dissatisfaction levels are the highest recorded by a Gallup poll for the party.

Americans over the age of 55 are also the most upset about immigration with 55 percent expressing dissatisfaction. One year ago, that same age group’s dissatisfaction rate was 21 percent. Those between the age of 35 to 54 also saw an increase in their dissatisfaction from 23 percent to 40 percent. Younger adults did not have an increase in their dissatisfaction levels.

Those wanting less immigration have also increased over the past three years from 19 percent in 2021 to 35 percent in 2022, to 40 percent this year. This is still not as high as it had been following the 9/11 attack when the calls for less migration ranged between 44 and 52 percent, but it is still the highest level since 2016.