American Enemies Sign Defense Pact

( – In alarming news for the West, American enemies North Korea and Russia signed a pact deepening their military cooperation, which includes a mutual defense commitment and enhanced ties described as an alliance.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un addressed reporters after meeting President Vladimir Putin in Pyongyang, announcing a “comprehensive strategic partnership” that Putin said included defensive elements.

“The comprehensive partnership agreement signed today provides, among other things, for mutual assistance in the event of aggression against one of the parties to this agreement,” said Putin.

Putin’s visit, significant for reshaping decades of Russia-North Korea relations amid international isolation for both, has drawn scrutiny from Seoul and Washington concerned about their increased military cooperation.

Kim emphasized the pact’s focus on politics, economy, and defense, describing it as “strictly peace-loving and defensive.”

“Our two countries’ relations have been elevated to the new higher level of an alliance,” Kim remarked.

At the summit’s start, Kim voiced “unconditional support” for “all of Russia’s policies,” including backing for Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

Moreover, Putin underscored Russia’s conflict with the United States and its allies, calling it a battle against hegemonic imperialism.

“We highly appreciate your consistent and unwavering support for Russian policy, including in the Ukrainian direction,” Putin stated.

Earlier, Putin hosted Kim at a summit that bolstered military cooperation, leading to his grand reception in Pyongyang. The visit featured an honor guard, crowds, and giant portraits of the leaders at Kim Il Sung Square, followed by talks at Kumsusan Palace.

Kim also stressed the need for stronger strategic dialogue with Russia amid global security challenges.

Furthermore, North Korea expressed full solidarity with Russia’s actions in Ukraine to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Therefore, Russia has leveraged its ties with North Korea to counterbalance U.S. influence, while Pyongyang has received political support and economic assurances from Moscow despite heavy sanctions.

Concerns persist among U.S. allies about potential cooperation between Russia and North Korea on missile and nuclear programs, though both deny such allegations.

Putin’s visit underscored a reassessment of Russia’s approach to North Korea, aiming for alternative economic mechanisms and a new security architecture in Eurasia.

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