9/11 Victims Tell Joe Biden To Stay Out

9/11 Victims Tell Joe Biden To Stay Out

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The 9/11 Commission’s investigation revealed a link between the terrorist attacks and Saudi Arabia, but US officials in the FBI and Department of Justice have kept this information quiet.

During his campaign, President Joe Biden promised to declassify the information, but he has so far failed to do so. He’s also been unresponsive to requests for the release.

On August 6, 2021, a group representing about 1,800 survivors and families of those directly impacted by the attacks made it clear they’ve waited long enough for Biden to respond. In a statement, the group requested that the president stay away from the 20th-anniversary memorial events. They further explained it is not possible to “welcome the president to our hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment.”

They feel the government is hiding the truth of that day’s events by not releasing crucial information. Many family members feel it is a slap in the face. They are frustrated at spending 20 years trying to unearth facts about what happened that day and having nothing to show for it.

The stance of the government is that there’s no evidence of Saudi officials’ involvement in the events of 9/11. They say the commission found the country was not sharing intelligence as it should have during that time but had no direct link to Al Qaeda. Despite this, the report does state Saudi nationals were responsible for sending massive funding to the terrorist organization.

So much was lost that day. Innocent people who were just going about their normal activities ended up dying for reasons we may never fully know. Don’t their loved ones deserve to at least know the identity of all the responsible parties?

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