500 Pound Mound of WHAT?!

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In an unbelievable and repulsive incident that frightened an entire community, a group of trackers found a pile of snakes weighing a shocking amount of 500 pounds in a South Florida marsh.

As reported by the Miami Herald, the discovery happened in mid-February this year on public grounds of Naples when officials came across an expansive mound that measured 7 feet wide and housed a total of 11 pythons.

The team diligently monitored snake activity during breeding seasons and employed methods like active searching and telemetry to eliminate these invasive species before the females could lay their eggs.

“For 10 years, we’ve been catching and putting them [Burmese pythons] down humanely. You can’t put them in zoos and send them back to Southeast Asia. Invasive species management doesn’t end with rainbows and kittens,” conservancy biologist Ian Bartoszek said.

He later said “[T]hese are remarkable creatures, here through no fault of their own. They are impressive animals, good at what they do.”

As outlined on its website, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida focuses on researching and removing critical invasive species while comprehending their behavior and ecological ramifications.

Since 2013, the team has seized and eradicated over 34,000 pounds of pythons from the area.

Burmese pythons can reach 19 feet in length, which ranks among the largest snakes globally. In the 1970s, the pet trade imported hundreds of these snakes from Southeast Asia to Florida.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida stated that these pythons have become established predators in the Everglades, which led to a 90 % reduction in mammal populations in that region.

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