45-Year-Old Apple Computer To Sell For $600K

45-Year-Old Apple Computer To Sell For $600K

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The price of a new MacBook may seem high to many people, but there is no doubt the Apple name carries a lot of clout. That became even more evident at a recent auction for one of the company’s first computers.

With bidding opening on November 9, an Apple-1 computer from 1976 went on the block with hopes of fetching up to $600,000. There were only 200 of this model on the market, and only 60 of the wood-housed computers remain in existence. In 2013, one sold in Germany for $671,000.

Steve Wozniak designed the Apple-1 and Steve Jobs tested and assembled it. The machine’s original price was $666.66. This particular computer had only two owners. Its name (Chaffey College Apple-1) honors its first owner, a professor at Chaffey College. The lot comes with everything the new owner will need, including a basic manual and operations guide, two software cassette tapes, a MOS 6502 programming manual, cords, a 1986 Panasonic video monitor, and a Datanetics Keyboard Rev D.

John Moran Auctioneers, who hosted the auction, sold it the same day bidding went live for $500,000. The final amount includes a $100,000 commission for the auction house.

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